Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Breeding updates

Hi Everyone--

Well, the good news is that Consuella, who has not bred properly since August, was observed breeding this week (finally)! Her reproductive workup proved normal, so I hope that the male was to blame. She might just be particular about whom she "sleeps" with, so to speak. Anyway, we should know in a week or two whether she is pregnant this time. This means we'll have an October baby, which I don't really want, but it's better than no baby.

Dawn recovered from a bout with a light case of coccidia last month, which seemed to mostly give her gas. She ought to be ready to come home around Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to having all the girls home, but we won't be seeing Consuella until nearly cruising.

Cabernet is doing fine at Polly's ranch. She'll stay there until Dawn comes home. They aren't the best of friends, but they will do for company for each other. By the first of the year, the whole happy herd will be back!

This experience makes me feverently hope that we get a stud out of one of our boys soon. At the very least, I'm sorely tempted to use local studs next year. I want my critters on my farm. I bought them because I like them, and I like taking care of them.

The boys are fun, though, and can be challenging. For instance, for some reason, Tony has become a bully. Even though we had two food dishes and two buckets of hay, he still had to harass Bart and Milhouse while they tried to eat. We now separate Tony from them at night by putting him in an ajoining stall. Everyone seems happier for it, and the hay buckets aren't overturned in the mornings.

It is now officially cold here, with the temp this morning a chilly 28 degrees. The alpacas love it.