Monday, October 22, 2007

New Baby!

Well, okay, he isn't so new. I've been busy (read "8 months pregnant") and I haven't been updating this as I should.

Principal Skinner (a.k.a. "Seymore") was born to Dawn on 10/3/07. Charles walked into the barn and found him...the best kind of birth as far as I'm concerned. He is white and male, but he is a son of Patchacuti, so he is beautiful. He's healthy, though not nearly the bruiser that Rainier was at birth. Seymore weighed in at about 14# when he was born. Now he's up to 23#. Rainier must be 45# by now.

We took Dawn to Northwest Alpacas on Saturday for a drive-by breeding to Cannonero, one of only two or three fawn studs up there. Dawn is a funny animal. During the breeding she ate hay and then she laid down on her side. We think the unusual position was because Cannonero is a big beast, and she's little. She must have thought he was too heavy. It was a good, long breeding, though, and we got to take her home on the same day. I like this "drive by" trend.

That's all for now. I'll post pictures soon.