Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Cabernet is confirmed pregnant via progesterone test! Yay! Her travel date is 11/2, but we may pick her up a few days early so that we can go see the alpaca show in Southern Oregon at the same time.

We are awaiting new ultrasound results for Consuella, so no news on her yet. She has been spitting off the males for a couple weeks, however.

Dawn and her baby (christened "Duffman" by birthday party goers on Sunday) will go to NWA on Sunday for her breeding to Patacuti.

After that, it will be a little lonely on the farm because the only alpacas we'll have will be the three boys. Milhouse will have to learn to get along with Bart and Tony until his mother comes back. The good news is that the boys will have the run of the place, so they don't have to be in their barren pasture anymore.

In other news, we had a birthday party for me/welcome little alpaca party on Sunday, Sept. 25, where we had a naming contest for the alpaca and the new kitten we found by the side of the road.

Finally, we have had two more acres cleared of forest, and Charles spent yesterday purchasing grass seed, and will spend today spreading it. We will fence in the spring after the grass has had time to establish itself.

Oh, yeah. School started for us on Monday, so summer is officially over for us. Boo hoo. And I still haven't hung up pictures or sent fiber to be processed.


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