Monday, March 20, 2006

The Show List

We are preparing for the Heart of the Valley Show which begins on Friday. Just so you all know what's involved, here is my list of to-do's and don't-forgets for the show:

  • feed--hay, pellets, water bucket
  • grooming--whack-it
  • poop--small broom (better on the mats than a rake)
  • fiber for fleece show--picked and bagged
  • halters and leads
  • yarn (if it is back from the mill)--lables, reciepts, display, sacks
  • fiber for sale--lables
  • folding chairs, snacks, photo/ribbon album, corkboard (for display)
  • sheet protectors, information sheets on animals, zipties, banner, cards
  • showbooks (I made them this year)
  • decorations

We also have to arrange with another alpaca owner to take our alpacas to the show because both of us have final exams to give on Friday. Oh well.

Gotta go!

too much to do


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