Monday, March 16, 2009

Any minute now...

Cabernet, our big 1/2 Accoyo girl, is due any day now with a cria from Thomas of Alpaca Junction. She has a habit of delivering about two weeks early, so we are on cria watch now. We've got our cria kit ready, we watch her from the house while she's in the field. I even have Charles trained to peek at her udder to see if it's filling (a sign she's getting close).

Plus, she's as big as a whale and obviously uncomfortable. She's gone stiff-legged in her back end from the extra weight.

After she's done, Consuella and Lisa are both due in April with El Barto babies. His first baby, Majula, was born last year, and is a beauty.

Back to the window for a Cabernet check!

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