Thursday, February 09, 2012

Some homespun yarn pictures

Who knew that my best selling items on would be the lumpy homespun I make on my drop spindle? I get the lumpiness by using raw fiber and just flicking the tips with a carder (which is actually a dog brush from the pet store). This makes for an inconsistent draw, which results in lumpy, slubby yarn that is full of "character."

These were all mini-skeins of about 50 yards or less each, and I sold them for $5 a pop because I wasn't sure the yarn was strong enough to hold together.

Good news! People loved them.
Bad news! Now I'm out.

I have to decide if I want to make more. I made these as a time-killer while I sat in my Farmer's Market booth. I don't really have time to kill during the school year when I teach. We'll see.

For now, I don't have any more of these little gems.


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