Friday, February 24, 2012

Video: Introduction to spinning with a drop spindle

Here is part one of a tutorial on how to use a drop spindle like the ones I sell on Etsy.

Drop spindles are what women used for eons to spin fiber. Often, they would spin as they walked into town during market day, tuck the spindle and fiber away in their bag while they stocked up on provisions, and then would spin some more as they walked home. For most families, that was how all yarn for all their fabric was made.

I taught myself to spin using a drop spindle and alpaca fiber. When I have a booth at an alpaca show or a farmer's market, whenever I am not talking to a customer, I am spinning with my drop spindle. My spinning wheel takes up way too much room in my car to ever leave my house, and the yarn I make on the drop spindle is so much more interesting.

Let me know if you find this informative!


p.s. just in case you were wondering, no, it's not me in the video. This is something I am re-posting from YouTube.

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